About Us


Sculptree India's best seller in sustainable unique home décor products

‘Sculptree’ was born with the love for Sculpting furniture and home décor items from wood, hence the word “Sculpt” became important to us. Our mission of planting trees for each product we sell leads us to the word “Tree”. When we put these two together, we got “Sculptree”.

Sculptree is a brand that exhales meaningful designs and inhales the idea of planting trees. We aim not only to create soulful art but also to give back to the environment by making sustainable, recycled, and reclaimed products.

We begin our journey with JIVA bowls and a desire to create many more consciously artful pieces in the coming months.

Sculptree Vision :

To be the top/best seller in selling sustainable home goods.

Sculptree Mission :

Educate customers about the importance of sustainability.
Ensure Balance in restoring nature by planting trees for each product sold.

Our Core values :

Transparency and Honesty.
Design with Functionality.
Customer Satisfaction.
Quality over Quantity
Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability
Fair and Reasonable Pricing.

    JIVA BOWLS :  

    1. Each product is unique, and no two products are similar in any way i.e the glass bowl from one piece cannot fit another one, it will only fit its particular piece of wood because it has been melted and blown on top of it.
    2. Raw finish, no polishing and the glass has some bubbles because all of the material used is completely upcycled.
    3. We want to celebrate the impurities, rawness and imperfections.
    4. The packaging is also sustainable. The air bags made out of potato starch can be used as compost for your plants.
    5. 100% Sustainably sourced and cruelty free product.