Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Do I get a Refund if glass is delivered broken, or was harmed during shipping ?
A: No, we do not refund but will guarantee a replacement product of the same size and it will be shipped to your previously ordered address. 

Q2) Will I be charged GST ?
A: No, our prices include GST. 

Q3)Will I be charged Shipping Charges ?
A: No, Our prices include shipping charges.

Q4) How much time does it take for my order to Dispatch ?
A: From point of order received, we take 4-5 working days to ready the order for Dispatch. 

Q5) How much time does it take for shipping my order ?
A: We have partnered with established and trusted logistics and shipping agents, with the AWB number generated and shared you can track the status of your shipment. 

Q5) Does Sculptree sell the Jiva Bowls with decorative and other items ?
A: No, we do not provide any decorative items, but they can be purchased separately, contact us to know more.